Women and caregivers are the backbone of America


For more than two years, women and caregivers – especially those of color – have been holding the country together during the pandemic. We’ve been working front-line jobs and caring for kids when schools shut down. We’re burnt out and tired of juggling caring for our children, our parents, or our partners, and furthering our education –all while still trying to pursue our dreams, while costs continue to rise. And with our reproductive rights being stripped away, we have even less control over our bodies and our futures.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, women and caregivers – especially Black and brown women – were already at a breaking point. Trying to balance caring for our families with work, school, and pursuing our dreams with no support and rising costs felt impossible.

Our coalition came together to demand that politicians:

We were proud to mobilize with our partners to secure:

However, women and caregivers not only need a time for rest; but also a real safety net for working families. It is time to invest in us, our labor, and our reproductive freedom. Nearly 2 million women left the workforce in 2020, leaving many of us and our loved ones struggling to get by. Most of us didn’t “opt out” of work – we were forced out because there was nobody else to care for our loved ones. Years later, we're still feeling the fallout, with young women of color continuing to face higher rates of economic insecurity in comparison to their white, male counterparts. And with the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, we have even less control over our futures.

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About the Coalition

We Demand More is a coalition of organizations using our collective power to fight for women and caregivers, especially those of color. Our lives, livelihoods, and families depend on lawmakers and business leaders doing more — and we need everyone to demand more. Read the letter that inspired this coalition.

Endorsement is an indication of solidarity within our movement and a recognition of the urgency of these policies. Endorsement does not necessarily mean that organizations have expertise in or are actively working towards each priority or policy listed.


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